Introducing our Expert Witness Team

Here at ProHort Ltd, we are well equipped to help all of our clients with any Japanese Knotweed legal cases.

Our Expert Witness team is made up of two highly qualified professionals.

Firstly, we have our Specialist Consultant, Mr Jason Harker. Mr Harker has been working with Japanese Knotweed and other invasive weeds for over twenty years. He is highly qualified in the field, being one of the first five people in the country to achieve the title of “Certified Surveyor in Japanese Knotweed”. In addition to this, he is a member of the Property Care Association and delivers a CPD accredited course in Japanese Knotweed identification. Mr Harker is the only person in the UK to be listed on the UK Register of Expert Witnesses for Japanese Knotweed, which speaks volumes for his level of expertise.

Mr Harker says “having been instructed on a number of occasions by both the Claimant and Defendant solicitors, I have a rounded view of the process and of what is required to ensure that a claim is defended correctly or is moved forward in a proactive manner.”

In addition to this, we have recently welcomed Ms Layla Abu-Safieh to our team here at ProHort Ltd. Ms. Abu-Safieh is a qualified solicitor and is a member of the Law Society. Ms Abu-Safieh is experienced in many aspects of Law but specialises in litigation cases, making her a valuable asset to our clients. Ms. Abu-Safieh assists our Specialist Consultant in producing all Part 35 compliant reports (also known as CPR compliant reports), ensuring that all documents are watertight and worded perfectly for the courts.

Layla has recently produced an article for our website regarding the landmark case between Waistell and Williams v. Network Rail Infrastructure, which can be viewed here. The case has been a turning point for Japanese Knotweed litigation claims – Ms. Abu-Safieh commented, “With the court of Appeal ruling in the favour of the Claimant, Mr Waistell and Mr Williams, and against Network Rail this has meant that if you are affected by Japanese knotweed and it can be demonstrated it has come from a neighbouring property then there is almost certainly a case. Therefore, damages can be claimed despite the fact that no damage may yet have been caused to your property by the Japanese knotweed.”

Working together as a team, Mr Harker and Ms Abu-Safieh offer an unparalleled service to every client, enabling your Japanese Knotweed claim to proceed as smoothly as possible. For more information or any advice, please contact us 01782 479 479, or take a look at our services page to see how else we may be able to help.”

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