Get to know the team at ProHort!

So you can get to know our company a little bit better, we thought that we should introduce ourselves and our roles within the company.


Emma Candlin - Director of ProHort



Emma Candlin

Emma is the director of ProHort Limited and she oversees the development and growth of the company. Working hard to ensure we produce the documents each client needs to enable them to move forward with their plans, she stays up to date with the latest changes to any documentation we provide to make sure that the products you receive are to the highest accuracy and are accepted by the relevant companies. In her spare time, Emma spends a lot of time with her three children and can often be found buried under a mountain of coursework as she completes her MBA.






Jason Harker

Jason is a specialist consultant who attends all site visits and will be your first point of contact on site. He has over 20 years of horticultural experience and will be able to advise you on the best cause of action for any enquiry you have. He works closely with Emma to make changes to any documentation we provide and to ensure his knowledge is also up to date with the latest specification. Jason spends his spare time relaxing and having fun with his family.






Jessica Mann 

Jess is our Client Manager and Lead Landscape Designer and is the first point of contact in the office. She puts together all of the landscaping schemes, planting schemes and tree survey documentation and works closely with Jason and Emma to ensure our clients needs are met. In her spare time, Jess can be found baking cakes (and occasionally bringing them in for the rest of the team, yum!) and painting portraits.







Louise Williams

Louise works in the accounts department and is the first point of contact for any queries regarding payments. She also deals with an outstanding invoices or payments. Louise can also be found baking a tasty morsel in her spare time.





Lindsay Bannister

Lindsay is one of the Business Development Assistants for ProHort. She has extensive knowledge of business administration which fits in nicely with her role. She deals with internal business development and handles the systems of the company ensuring we are compliant and that our documents are fit for purpose as the company develops. At the weekends Lindsay can be found reading or roaming the countryside with her family and dog, Dotty.






Alexandria Mackenzie 

Alex is one of the Business Development Assistants. She deals with the external development of the company, coordinating all of the company’s marketing including social media, marketing campaigns and newsletters. She also ensures that our website is up to date with all of the latest changes that are made to our documentation to make sure you are receiving all of the correct information. Alex loves all things to do with music and can often be found spending time at local music events.







Marianne Gibson

Marianne works as our HR and Compliance Adviser and has previously been working in retail in a HR capacity. She deals with all of our employees, their training, our recruitment requirements and most importantly ensures were compliant with all HR and HSE regulations. Marianne loves all things active and has recently completed an indoor rock climbing course, which will allow her to teach children.

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