Landscaping Schemes

Landscaping schemes are an important part of any planning application or development project. They are often required by the local authority in order for planning permission to be considered. Landscaping schemes put the project down on paper and help the client to visualise the end result.

We understand that each project is different; therefore, we offer a full landscaping scheme service where we put together a bespoke design for your project! A landscaping scheme will vary depending on the size of the grounds and the complexity of the project. It may also vary depending on any planning application specifications or restrictions.

Landscaping Schemes

As a result, upon your initial contact with ProHort we can offer you the necessary advice and arrange for our professional consultants to carry out a site visit. They will be able to meet with you to discuss the development project and any specific details required for the planning application. Our experienced team will then complete your landscaping scheme. You, and your client, will be invited into our offices where you will go through the design in detail. We can then make any necessary alterations to ensure that it meets yours and the planning applications requirements.

The full landscaping plan pack includes an overview of the entire project, from start to finish, making it perfect for planning permission applications or for funder approval. We will work along with you to ensure that the planning application process is as smooth as possible with our full landscaping scheme service. If you are looking for a landscape architect, then contact us today!

Please see below for a list of what is included in our landscaping schemes:Landscaping Schemes Example

  • Site brief including photographs of the existing site and details of any existing landscaping feature;
  • Concept description and design aims;
  • Tree survey, if required, providing details of any trees located on and around the property and recommendations for the management of these;
  • 3D landscape visualization;
  • Landscape plan;
  • Planting plan including plant key;
  • Dimensions pan;
  • Materials and construction plan;
  • Complimentary proposal for the completion of the work.

A number of these services will be included in full landscaping schemes; however, they can also form part of their own reports. Please click here, to see a full list of the services we offer.

Prices for a full Landscaping Schemes can vary depending upon a range of factors, including the size of the garden and complexity of the project. Contact us today, for more information.